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The Challenge

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The Story

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Success of Kairos

37% decline in duplication of attendance due to the efficient use of biometric system for in and out time. This increased visibility and performance as supervisors had complete access to workplace activities.

43% increase in punctual in-time entry with SMS alerts integrated within the system to notify late comers. This increased timelines and efficiency of the employees thus increasing productivity.

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Product Overview

Kairos is a time and attendance solution that captures and computes every moment of your employee(s). The attendance management software helps keep track of the attendance of employees based on various events like shift, late, overtime, week off, holiday working, on duty etc. Kairos uses 'Biometrics Fingerprint' recognition system packaged for small and big organizations. It automates distribution of employee hours across departments and projects in real-time thereby providing valuable information of the employee cost of production against the delivery. Kairos is one of the most advanced and powerful Time & Attendance application providing a plethora of features and advantages in streamlining employee attendance and practices thus efficiently managing month-end payroll process.

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