InventiX - POMS

Production and Operations Monitoring System is a robust, reliable and fully configurable application which monitors the health of the operations in real time across various dashboards like production, capacity, quality, performance, sampling etc. Bar coding across different stages of production combined with key data points from existing ERP are used by the POMS. Production Monitoring System or POMS is a real time monitoring of your production and gives an end to end view on the health of the business. The POMS provides real time “visibility” & “traceability” of order status in terms of production, inventory, materials etc. The POMS is an independent application which takes the relevant real time information from the existing ERP and/or through devices like bar-code/ RFID/ mobile apps etc.; and the POMS collates the data and analyses to give status and health of the business in relation to benchmarks/ milestones. Production monitoring system can be deployed across all industry verticals like Fashion & Apparel, Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, and Utilities etc

A typical architecture of POMS is given below
Benefits of deploying a Production Monitoring System:

  • Real time visibility at two levels i.e. operating level & Management level for real time decision making
  • Order wise capability to get actual/ possible dispatch timelines to commit to client in an effective manner (CRM on real time basis)
  • Standardizing the operations on SAH/Cycle times with data points and analysis on actual utilization of capacity – resources – time
  • Defining priorities on specific client orders and enabling the same level of prioritization across all departments using the system
        (enabling a change with a single click on objectives!!!)
  • Real time visibility of rejections – reasons – quality enforcement etc
  • Post deployment, initial discovery on actual and possible SAH and ability of reduce the same over a period of time, thereby saving significant man-hours’/days
  • Continuously improve and refine the production process to bring in increased revenues investing optimal resources and time at the facility
  • Cost reduction avenues for production, material and inventory control, resources etc
  • InventiX - PlanIT

    Production Planning

      Weekly Capacity

    Uneven and high variances across weeks.

      Work-order split

    Planners decide the Work order split across weeks, and combine similar specifications/ styles based on experience.


    Back Logs due to external constraints like material delays, approvals & clearance not available, material failed during quality check etc. cannot be accommodated into the plan easily.

      Priority Orders

    Priority Work Orders with LD/ Penalty/ Air Freight conditions in case of delays are not focussed on during planning.


    Bottlenecks across different operating stages with varying capacities results in piling up of WIP inventory leading to additional time & effort (Over times/ Additional Shifts etc.) for completion

    InventiX - Materials (Ready-to-use Inventory and Analytics software)

    InventiX - Materials involves managing complete purchases, sales, and inventory related activities for any trading business across the world. Inventory & Analytics application is a robust and time tested product line, built on latest technologies
    Typically, trading companies for any product across the globe rely on three levels of key data like

  • Inventory availability in real time based on Sales orders, GRN’s, allocations etc keeping in mind the intricacies like batch numbers, shelf life, FIFO models, unit purchase and sales prices etc
  • Sales & Purchase visibility in conventional systems involves multiple reports with manual intervention to understand and analyze across product groups, products, time/date periods etc. Whereas the users need one single view of entire purchase, sales and inventory analysis which is a key functionality in our system. In addition the complete forms/documents like Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Payments, and Inventory adjustments, Wastage / Scrap etc can be viewed on the screen for complete traceability.
  • Checks and Balances at process level in Sales, Purchase & Inventory with complete audit trails. This is to improve inventory accuracies, eliminate inventory obsolescence and bring in control of operations in dollar terms.
  • Our InventiX - Materials is provided on a web based model using client IT infrastructure or cloud infrastructure based on operational needs. The mobility extension of our InventiX - Materials allows complete analytics on purchases, sales, inventories, unit price trends, customer and supplier level drill down of data etc on a mobile platform which is device (tablet/PC/PDA) & OS (windows, android, iOS, blackberry) agnostic in nature

    InventiX - Materials System:

  • Workflow management system to handle entire Purchase, Sales processes including stock
  • Purchase involves, receive – weigh – segregate – store
  • Stock involves managing the product wise inventory in the facility
  • Sales involves, order – weigh – invoice – dispatch/ delivery
  • End to end visibility across the facility on product, quantity, unit price, customer etc

  • InventiX - Materials - Benefits

  • No duplication of data and reduced human effort to manage day to day operations
  • Real time visibility across all aspects of operations like purchase, stock, sale & delivery
  • Benchmarks and Indicators in different colors to understand “operations health”
  • Implement industry best benchmarks across the operations using the MMS
  • Extend the reporting dashboard to Tablet PC’s, Mobile etc
  • Reduce cost of operations

  • Kairos

    Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning "the right or supreme moment". True to the name Kairos makes every moment in your daily business a special or supreme moment by enabling you drill down to the minute detail of all the stakeholders of your organization.
    Kairos, the Time and Attendance solution capture & computes every moment of your employee(s) throughout their process and provides you insightful information on all the right parameters. Kairos eliminates waiting time in front of controlled access doors, long queues before and after shift hours and accurate work log that helps the employees getting their due salaries. Thus, Kairos plays a key role in the quality of life of all your employees.
    Kairos is a complete 'Biometrics Fingerprint' recognition system packaged for small and big organizations. It gives you automated distribution of employee hours across departments and projects in real-time. Thereby it provides you with valuable information of the employee cost of production against the delivery. This information will further help you to evaluate the status of all production line parameters and take corrective action wherever required.
    Kairos is here to help you pave a way out of your worries of the conventional time tracking system, which has become obsolete in your changed business environment. Further Kairos eliminates the paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance mapping, thereby assisting you and your company contribute towards a green environment.